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Catholic Ashram and Medical College Launch De-addiction Programme for Alcoholics

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BELLARY, APR 06: Bellary Medical College and the local ashram run by the Franciscan Fathers launched a joint programme for the de-addiction for the victims of alcoholism in Bellary.

The programme was launched on April 6 at the Vijayanagar Institute of Medical Sciences. Bishop of Bellary Henry D’Souza and the Director of the institute Dr. Devanand were the Chief Guests.

Dharmodaya Seva Ashram, a contemplative centre serving awakening of rrighteousness is run by the Order of Friars Minor led by Swami Dayanad.

With the launching of the programme, the De-addiction of alcoholics by Swami Dayanand, which has been going on for some time has become more organized with documentation, medical check-up and follow-up.

In the year 2010, 71 persons were de-addicted. This year from January to March already 40 persons have been de-addicted.

Those who got well have been spreading word by mouth. They bring others for de-addiction.

The Ashram insists that the addicted persons come along with family members and stay for 3 days in the Ashram. They are led in yoga and meditation. They undergo medical check-up and counseling. Swami Dayanand takes them up the Papa Parihara Betta (the sin redeeming hill where he had been doing 40 day fast and prayer annually, since last 14 years) for prayer and reconciliation.

It is after such a preparation he administers the herbal medicine to the addicts.

It is a marvelous to see the people go back home with smile on their faces. They do come back to thank or bring others known to them for the healing.

Right relationship to self, others, nature and God, irrespective of religion leads to Peace. Jesus is the Dharmaraja the King of Righteousness who taught, “Seek first the Kingdom of God and its righteousness; all the rest will be given to you.” This has been the vision of Dharmodaya Seva Ashram, from its birth.

It has been concerned with Sarva Dharma Sambandha (Relating to all faiths) to receive, integrate and promote a Universal spirituality of Righteousness.

The Ashram is the fruit of the life journey by Swami Dayanand, a Franciscan friar who searched for an answer to human suffering. The itinerant life as a sanyasi (renunciant) led him to contacts with people from villages around Siruguppa, in Bellary district and the neighbouring districts of Koppal, Raichur in Karnataka State and Adoni, Anantapur, Guntur, Vijayawada districts of Andhra Pradesh.

His own experience of finding an answer in the suffering of Jesus, and re-discovering him as the Prince of Peace created a ripple effect. Many people from different walks and creed came to the appreciation of Jesus and some to insights into the Christtian faith and some others to take up the Papa parihara snana (the sin redeeming bath) and accept discipleship.

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