BDDS Field Training Centre Opened At Lingsugur



BELLARY, AUGUST 1 (Fr. Paulraj): Bellary Diocesan Development Society’s field training centre - “Captain Leonard Munn Hall ” was blessed and inaugurated on Aug. 1, at Linsugur, in Raichur district.

Bishop of Bellary Henry D’Souza blessed the newly built building and former parish priest of Linsugur, Fr. Anthony Fernandes, who successfully salvaged the land for the building, inaugurated the new training facility.

Bishop Henry D’ Souza, Bishop of Bellary gratefully recalled the donor agency - Manos Unidas and thanked all those who worked hard to erect the building.

Bishop D’Souza thanked Director of BDDS, Fr. Paulraj and his team for the bold initiative and for the hard work put in.

Fr. Paulraj stated that the training facility will be used to conduct trainings for Self Help Group members, Federation meetings and staff meetings.

The new building has been named after Captain L Munn, who  was a Military Geological Survey and Special officer, well–sinking department the Nizam’s Government about 90 years ago.

Captain Munn and his staff sank more than 1200 wells (1916-35) in the famine zone area of Raichur district.

His was a household name in the area those days.

He died on 21 October, 1935 at Lingasur.

“It is fitting that the Field cum training office for the Social upliftment of the people is constructed by the Catholic Diocese of Bellary besides the very tomb of the renowned Captain”, opined Dean of Mudgal Fr. MD Vincent.

The new training facility is located on Lingsugur-Bangalore road.

The building has been built by Bellary Diocesan Development Society, which is working for the uplift of the poor in the districts of Bellary, Raichur and Koppal with different schemes to promote gender equality, universal primary education, empowering women, combating HIV/AIDS besides improving the clout of women through leadership.

Many priests, Self Help Group members, staff of BDDS were present at the inaugural function.  

Fr. Paulraj, Director of BDDS, thanked the donors and all those who were present at the occasion.