Community Celebration of Weddings Held At Jawelgera, Raichur


altJAWALGERA, MAY 10: 9 young couples from Jawalgera parish made vows at community celebration of weddings organized at St. Francis of Assisi Church, Jawelgera, Raichur.

Bishop Henry D’Souza along with 8 priests of the diocese blessed the couples. 

Bishop in his homily focused on the God given responsibility of building strong families founded on mutual love, dignity and respect, fidelity and divine presence. He urged the new couples to shed all prejudices based on caste discrimination and usher in a new culture of lobe, respect and cooperation”.

“Marriage should be founded on divine calling given at very creation to live in dignity and love – solidly supported by divine grace and help dear and near ones”, Bishop added.

Bishop lauded the initiative taken by by Paul and Fr. Job, local pastors to organize such a huge programme.

The newlywed couples were presented by tali’s and bridal dresses.

The large gathering was treated with a sumptuous meal.