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Our Patron - St. Anthony

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Patron : Christ the Redeemer Church Parish Priest :  Rev. Fr. Albert D’Silva Address :  Christ the Redeemer Church Kurugod Bellary - 583 116 Phone :  08393-263887 History: Kurugodu is one of the ancient towns of Bellary...
Patron : ¬†Christ the King Parish Priest : ¬†Rev. Fr. Anil Kumar Address : ¬†Christ the King Church Kushtagi Post ‚Äď 534 121 Koppal District Phone : ¬†08536-267090 History:¬† Kushtagi was one of the substations of Mudgal Parish from...
Patron : St. Peter the Apostle Parish Priest : Rev. Fr. Ajit A. Pai Address : Lakshmi Nagar Camp Somasamudra Post Bellary ‚Äď 583 102 Phone : 08392-283048 History: Taking into consideration the spiritual need of the people and their...
Patroness :  Our Lady of Lourdes Parish Priest :  Rev. Fr. Walter Menezes Address :  Our Lady of Lourdes Church Lingsugur - 584 122 Raichur District Phone :  08537-257469 History:  The new mission of Lingsugur was established...
Patroness : ¬†Arogya Matha Parish Priest : ¬†Rev. Fr. N.A. Vincent Address : ¬†St. Mary‚Äôs Church Manvi ‚Äď 584 123 Raichur District Phone : ¬†08538-221622 History: About 1947, contacts were made through Fr. Fintan Mc Donough,...
Parish                                          : St. John the Evangelist Established                                 : 14-01-1969...
Parish                                   :Sacred Heart Church Established                          :1502 Patron                                   :Sacred Heart of Jesus...
Parish                                          : Our Lady of Fatima Church Established                                 : 1947 Patron...
Parish                          : St. Peter’s Church Established                 : 1994 Patron                         : St. Peter the Apostle Catholics                     :...
Parish                                          :  St. Clare of Assisi Church Established                                 : 1994 Patron        ...

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Bellary Arogya Mathe Shrine

Bellary-Mathe-small The Shrine of Bellary Arogya Mathe was blessed and dedicated on 8th September 2000 on the feast of the Nativity of our Blessed Mother Mary in memory of the great jubilee 2000 and the Golden Jubilee of the Diocese of Bellary


Diocesan Diamond Jubilee

This year is Diamond Jubilee of our Bellary Diocese.  It is completing 60 years in the service to God and His people.


Loss of Life and Property due to Flash Floods in Bellary Diocese

 Number of people affected : 151,934
Loss of life : 72
Villages affected : 1,296
Houses destroyed/damaged : 118,833
Relief being distributed to : 3,500 families
No. Catholic houses lost: 560
Number of medical camps held : 22