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Our Patron - St. Anthony

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Patron : ¬†St. Francis Xavier Parish Priest : ¬†Rev. Fr. Vincent Rodrigues Address : ¬†St. Francis Xavier Church Station Road Raichur ‚Äď 584 101 Phone : ¬†08532-225143 History: The history of the Church goes back to some 400 years....
Patron : ¬†Christ the Light Parish Priest : ¬†Rev. Fr. Lourduraj A. Address : ¬†Christu Jyothi Devalaya Sandur ‚Äď 583 119 Bellary District Phone : ¬†08395-260403 History:¬† With the opening of the Iron ore Mines in Sandur area, and...
Patron : ¬†St. Alphonsa Church Parish Priest : ¬†Rev. Fr. Gnanapragasam T. Address : ¬†St. Alphonsa Church Shakthi Nagar ‚Äď 584 170 Raichur District Phone : ¬†08532-246236 History: Shakthinagar was a sub-station of Raichur Parish....
Patron :  Holy Family Parish Priest :  Rev. Fr. Irudhyaraj P J Assistant :  Rev. Fr. Chinnappa Yemmi Address :  Holy Family Church R.G. Road Sindhanoor Р584 128 Raichur District Phone :  08535-220742 History: ...
Patron :  Little Flower of Child Jesus Parish Priest :  Rev. Fr. Vincent M.D.  Address :  Little Flower of Child Jesus Church Siruguppa Р583 121 Bellary District Phone :  08396-220728 History:  Siruguppa was a...
Patron :  Holy Cross Parish Priest :  Rev. Fr. Arogyanathan L Holy Cross Church Sirwar Р584 129 Raichur District Phone :  08538-270174 History:  Sirwar, an independent mission unit constituting a few villages of Kowtal and...
Patron :  The Holy Spirit  Parish Priest :  Rev. Fr. Francis Bashyam Address :  Jeevan Shakthi Mandir Toranagal Р583 123 Bellary District Phone :  08395-250987 History:  With the construction of the Jindal Steel Plant,...
Patron : ¬†St. Joseph Parish Priest : ¬†Rev. Fr. Pushparaj P Address : ¬†St. Joseph’s Church T.B. Dam – 583 225 Bellary District Phone : ¬†08394-259175 History:¬† With the construction of the Dam to conserve the...
Patron :  Infant Jesus Church Parish Priest :  Rev. Fr. Lourdu Marianna Address : Infant Jesus Church Vidyanagar Raichur Р583 101 Phone :  08532-240350, 241879, 591096 History: The parish was started in 2005 with Fr....
Patron : St. Anthony of Padua Parish Priest :¬† Rev. Fr. Charles D‚ÄôSouza Assistants :¬† Rev. Fr. Francis Chinnappa Address : Cowl Bazaar Bellary ‚Äď 583 102 Phone : 08392 - 240374 History:¬† The Parish was started in 1858 by Fr....

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Bellary Arogya Mathe Shrine

Bellary-Mathe-small The Shrine of Bellary Arogya Mathe was blessed and dedicated on 8th September 2000 on the feast of the Nativity of our Blessed Mother Mary in memory of the great jubilee 2000 and the Golden Jubilee of the Diocese of Bellary


Diocesan Diamond Jubilee

This year is Diamond Jubilee of our Bellary Diocese.  It is completing 60 years in the service to God and His people.


Loss of Life and Property due to Flash Floods in Bellary Diocese

 Number of people affected : 151,934
Loss of life : 72
Villages affected : 1,296
Houses destroyed/damaged : 118,833
Relief being distributed to : 3,500 families
No. Catholic houses lost: 560
Number of medical camps held : 22