Two days Youth Programme

September 15th and 16th 2018. The Hospet and Koppal Deaneries had the two days youth programme in Hospet at Sacred heart church. The event began on 15th evening at 6.00 pm with prayer dance by Nishi and thereafter the lighting of the lamp. Most. Rev. Dr, Henry D'Souza, Bishop of Bellary Diocese, fr. Charles Sundar raj, the parish priest, fr. Prem D'Souza, the youth director, sr. Elizabeth, the parish youth animator , sr. Celine, superior of FS, Hospet, Anthony D'silva, the Vice president of the parish, deanery office bearers and 83 youth were present from various parishes which come under Hospet and Koppal Deaneries. Bishop in his talk to the youth said that the youth that the youth are the back bone of the society and church.They have to come forward to grab the opportunity in their lives and also need to initiative to be leaders and come up in life. There are a lot of possibilities to come up in life. The youth need to go into government jobs. Then Sr. Celine, the superior of Fatima sisters said that the youth have to take a lot interest in the parish activities and get all the youth of the parish together. Also set the younger generation a good example. at 7.00pm teize prayer was conducted by the youth office bearers. and the youth had the opportunity to make confession.after the super there was cultural programme where the youth could express themselves.The next days program began with Eucharist presided by fr. Anand SDB. After the Eucharist,the youth meeting continued. Mrs. Malleshwari, a retired teacher shared her experience as a youth with the youth and how she had to struggle to come up in life with limited opportunities. she continued saying that the youth have a lot of opportunities to shine.So need to work hard to get their dream fulfilled. Mrs.Samira, the lady lawyer, spoke to the youth and told how and why she became the lawyer being Muslim.she continued saying that to achieve something in life a lot of sacrifices has to be done only then one can reach ones destination. then fr. Sebastian, dean of Koppal deanery addressed the youth with the topic "youth and their role in the parish church." he said the youth need to be free from anger, ego, mighty is right feeling.They must selflessly work for the growth of the Church.Fr. Prem, the director, said that each must respect each other and serve for the common good. He also gave instruction on how to build up each other.After the lunch, the meeting continued. The youth were divided with 5 groups and given some task.And then there were some games which were conducted by the youth and at 4.30 pm the meeting ended. The youth president of the deanery thanked all.

Our Patron
St Anthony of Padua