Bellary Poor Enjoy the Christmas Get-Together

BELLARY, DEC. 25, 2018: Christmas celebration with the poor, beggars and people with special diseases was organized by the Catholic Diocese of Bellary on Dec. 20 at Deeksha Bhavan Minor Seminary, Bellary. Over 100 poor, beggars and sick participated in the joyful celebration. In his message, Bishop highlighted, "At Christmas God reached out to all, especially to the poor and those who live at the periphery of the society. No one is excluded from the love of God". At Christmas God assumed humanity and lifted it up to the dignity of becoming children of God. By the Mystery of Incarnation, divinity was not diminished, but humanity was enhanced", reminded the Bishop. Bishop assured the poor and needy that the Church institutions were always available to them to serve and to care. Bishop urge those economically poor brethren, "Though you are born poor, you need to seek help from others and ensure that they do not die poor". The programme included Christmas skit, Christmas carols, sharing of Christmas gifts and a fellowship meal. The seminarians of Deeksha Bhavan helped Frs. Lourd raj, Sam Nalan and Cyril Lasrado who organized the programme.

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