"Terror Has No Place In Civilised Society; We Are With Victims Of Terror In Srilanka": Bishop
BELLARY, APRIL 22, 2019: Expressing utter shock at the violence perpetrated by terrorism in Sri Lanka on Easter Sunday, Bishop of Bellary, Henry D'Souza declared, "Terror has no place in civilized society; we are with the victims of terror and the people of Sri Lanka." Read More ➟

Bellary Catholics Hold Good Friday Procession With Fervor
BELLARY, April 19, 2019: Large number of people enthusiastically participated in Good Friday procession with religious fervor and piety in Bellary today. Bishop Henry D'Souza, Bishop of Bellary led the procession. The procession started from Christ the King Church after the Good Friday Read More ➟

Bellary Catholics Bid Tearful Farewell To Young Fr Paul Arulappa
BELLARY, MARCH 11, 2019: A large gathering of Catholics, including Bishop Henry D'Souza, all the priests of the diocese, religious and lay faithful bid a tearful farewell to the young pastor Fr. Paul today in the cathedral church. Fr. Paul A, a priest of the Diocese of Bellary died in a tragic road accident Read More ➟

Focus on Love and Forgiveness: Urges Bishop Henry D'Souza
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Message Of His Holiness Pope Francis For Lent 2019: Care For Creation
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Large Gathering Join Silver Jubilee Celebrations of Koppal Mission
KOPPAL, JAN 27, 2019: Silver Jubilee of St. Francis De Sales Church Koppal Mission was celebrated with solemnity and joy on Sunday, January, 27. A large number of priests, religious and lay faithful gathered joyfully and enthusiastically joined the jubilee celebrations. Read More ➟

Jubilee- A Privileged Moment To Renew and Rededicate: Bishop
HOSPET, JAN.27, 2019: Deena Seva Saba Congregation held its golden and silver jubilee of religious life of Sisters Regin Mary and Lovely (Gulburga) on 27 January, 2019 at Daya Nilaya Convent, Amaravathi village, Hospet. Sr. Regin Mary serves by looking after the most disadvantaged HIV Read More ➟

Golden Jubilee of Remodeled St. Antony's Cathedral Celebrated
BELLARY, JANUARY 28, 2019: The golden jubilee celebration of the remodeled St. Antony's Cathedral church in Bellary was held with fervor and joy on Jan. 28 at Bellary. The concelebrated Eucharistic celebration presided by Bishop Henry D' Souza, Bishop of Bellary along with a large Read More ➟

Bellary Healthcare Providers Commit to Promote Better Networking
BELLARY, JANUARY 24, 2019: Heads of catholic healthcare institutions of the Diocese of Bellary, committed to promote networking among them for more fruitful healthcare apostolate, here on Jan. 24. Read More ➟

United Church Is the Plan Of God, Unity Is A Priority: Bishop of Bellary
BELLARY, JAN 21: "United Church is the plan of God and the will of God", declared Bishop Henry D'Souza, today at an ecumenical prayer meeting of Christians. Bishop Henry D'Souza, Bishop of Bellary was addressing Christians of many denominations at an ecumenical prayer meeting held at Rev. Johns Memorial CSI Church in Bellary city. Read More ➟

Diocesan Year of Youth Inaugurated, Bellary: JAN.01, 2019.
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Christmas Get-together with the Poor at Bellary:
DEC.20,2018. Around a hundred poor people from Bellary participated in the Christmas Get-together specially organized at Bishop's house, Bellary. Carols, dance and drama based on the spirit of Christmas was presented by the brothers of Dheeksha Bhavan, Minor Seminary, Bellary. Read More ➟

Christmas Celebrated at Central Jail Bellary:
DEC.20.2018. Bishop Henry D' Souza, Bishop of Bellary presided over a Christmas celebration at the Central Jail on 20th December. It was organized by the Prison Ministry team, Diocese of Bellary. Fr.Ponnuswamy, PP, Infant Jesus Church Bellary is the present team leader. Read More ➟

Ecumenical Christmas Get-together Held at Bellary:
DEC.16,2018. Around 74 Pastors and Priests gathered at Dheeksha Bhavan, Bishop's House Campus Bellary on Dec 16 for an Ecumenical Christmas gathering. Bishop Henry D'Souza, Bishop of Bellary the President of Ecumenical United Christian Forum for Human Rights Read More ➟

Parish Council Officials Vow to Rejuvenate Pastoral Councils
BELLARY, DEC. 16, 2018: A two-day animation was held for Vice Presidents and Secretaries of Parish Pastoral Councils and Deanery Pastoral Councils of Bellary Diocese on Dec. 15-16, at St. Anthony Centre. 58 persons participated enthusiastically. The office bearers of the newly constituted Parish Pastoral Read More ➟

Sacerdotal Golden & Platinum Jubilee of Fr. Charles D Souza, Chancellor of the Diocese celebrated
BALLARI, DEC.13,2018( Ms. Sagaya): Sacerdotal Golden jubilee & Platinum Birthday of Rev. Fr. Charles D'Souza celebrated here at 05.30p.m at Sacred Heart Church, in the premises of St. John's group of Institutions, Fort, Ballari. Thanksgiving Eucharistic celebration was the climax Read More ➟

Bellary Priests Commit Themselves to Tone Up Youth Ministry
BELLARY, DEC. 12: The diocesan priests and religious pastoral clergy committed themselves to effectively promote youth ministry in the diocese. Fr. Christopher Crasta msfs, a noted youth animator, facilitated the seminar on pastoral ministry for youth on December 12 at St. Anthony Centre, Bellary, Read More ➟

Synod of Bishops Ends, Journey Begins
Bishop Henry D'Souza, India

The just concluded Synod of Bishops was, one could say, indeed a new springtime, a new freshness in the life of the Church today. It was not just a synod on youth, but it was a synod with the youth, who brought in joy and energy to the synod hall. Someone even remarked, "I never ever thought that a synod could be so enlightening and enjoyable!" The synod was full of the "upper room" experience.

In many countries, especially in Asia, youth form the largest segment of today's society. Nearly half the population in these countries is young. Such a large population can be a God-given "demographic gift and potential" if harnessed well, if not a "demographic drain and disaster".

The synod reminded of the young St. Augustine whose heart was restless - weary from seeking God in passing attractions. In this restlessness some youth are already hearing Jesus asking them in their hearts: "what are you looking for?'. Others may be brought to an encounter with Jesus by fiends or other well-wishes in their life - Just as Andrew introduced Jesus to Simon Peter, saying: "We have found the Messiah" (Jn 1:41).

The synod theme was "the youth, the faith and vocational discernment". The synod fathers focused on "recognizing; interpreting; and choosing". They felt the youth have a great potential for mission and evangelization. The digital generation can be an evangelizing generation, sharing the good news of joy, promoting unity of all people and caring for our "common home".

The synod felt that it can respond to the desire of many young people for stable reference points, moorings or stepping stones to help them to steer their way through often confusing and contradictory messages hurled at them from all directions. Pastors and youth animators be collaborators of their joy, so that their "expectations turn in ideals".

Listening to the well articulated interventions of the dynamic youth leaders of the world, the synod felt that youth of today have dreams, they have energy and they want to be achievers. They do not want to be "mere spectators" in the Church and the society, but "active participants". They need to be consulted, engaged and actively involved through a process of teamwork. That can be realized when pastors and youth chaplains listen, consult and discern.

The synod strongly insisted that the young people are not simply the OBJECTS of evangelization and pastoral ministry; they are also the AGENTS. With proper formation and accompaniment, youth can be missionary disciples who will bring the light of faith to their peers and even those away from the Church.

Such an active collaborative approach would be possible not through a moralistic approach with ready-made answers, but by accompanying young people in a climate of joy and dialogue, as Jesus did with the two disciples of Emmaus.

The Synod felt that the youth are a God-given precious gift. They are our present and the future. They offer great possibilities. Through a process of accompaniment and discernment, they are given proper formation through education, catechesis and witnessing to be mature disciples of Jesus, living their life in dignity, freedom and joy.

The Church is a mother; she does not abandon her sons and daughters. She is ready to accompany youth on new roads, "on the path of high ground, where the wind of the Spirit blows more strongly, sweeping away the mist of indifference, of superficiality, of discouragement".

In its message for the youth of the world, the synod emphatically stated that "the Church and the world urgently need your enthusiasm". It urged the youth of the world to "make the most fragile, the poor, those wounded by life" their fellow travelers.

The youth of today are facing multiple challenges such a unemployment, migration, corruption, poor governance and violence. Only through accompaniment and right motivation they can be assisted to live in dignity and hope.

In one of his homilies during the synod, Pope Francis stated: Today Jesus invites us to return to the source of joy, which is the encounter with him, the courageous choice to risk everything to follow him, the satisfaction of leaving something behind in order to embrace his way".

We wish to take the synod experience to our dioceses and youth movements, bringing the synod experience of listening and discernment to all spheres of pastoral ministry. Youth would be encouraged to transform the temporal order through biblical worldview and values of the Gospel. Efforts will be made to prepare tomorrow's leaders today, both for the church and the society.

In its message to the youth, the synod summed up: "For a month we have walked together with some of you and with many others related to us through prayer and affection. We wish to continue the journey now in every part of the earth where Jesus sends us as missionary disciples".

The synod has ended, but the synod journey has just begun. May the synod experience and the spirit reach to the ends of the earth, accompanying and transforming youth, to usher in a "new heaven and a new earth" (Rev 21:1).

We should and we will do our best to rejuvenate the youth ministry in our dioceses, enthusiastically and joyfully. The youth themselves will have to play a key role in realizing the Synodal dream a reality. God bless our youth,God bless India!

XV Ordinary General Assembly of the Synod of Bishops

We the Synod Fathers now address you, young people of the world, with a word of hope, trust and consolation. In these days, we have gathered together to hear the voice of Jesus, "the eternally young Christ", and to recognize in Him your many voices, your shouts of exultation, your cries, and your moments of silence.

We are familiar with your inner searching, the joys and hopes, the pain and anguish that make up your longings. Now we want you to hear a word from us: we wish to be sharers in your joy, so that your expectations may come to life. We are certain that with your enthusiasm for life, you will be ready to get involved so that your dreams may be realized and take shape in your history.

Our weaknesses should not deter you; our frailties and sins must not be an obstacle for your trust. The Church is your mother; she does not abandon you; she is ready to accompany you on new roads, on higher paths where the winds of the Spirit blow stronger - sweeping away the mists of indifference, superficiality and discouragement.

When the world that God so loved, that he gave us his only Son, Jesus, is focused on material things, on short-term successes, on pleasures, and when the world crushes the weakest, you must help it to rise up again and to turn its gaze towards love, beauty, truth and justice once more.

For a month, we have walked together with some of you and with many others who have been united to us through prayer and affection. We wish to continue the journey now in every part of the earth where the Lord Jesus sends us as missionary disciples.

The Church and the world urgently need your enthusiasm. Be sure to make the most fragile people, the poor and those wounded by life your traveling companions.

You are the present; be a brighter future.

28 October 2018

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